Rob Harrison

Rob "Dominator" Harrison Keyboards, Accordion & Backing Vocals


Rob Harrison received a bachelors degree with honours in classical music & pancake flipping in 2008, & has since developed an extensive career, including performing residencies at Edinburgh's biggest venues, musical directorship for various performing companies & artists, teaching at Edinburgh University, & composing & recording for BBC radio & Sky television. 

David Flawless Wallace is the world's greatest guitar player, electronic music producer, crab impersonator, & canadian refugee. As well as being lead & only guitarist for the Baybes, Dave has created a succesful career writing music for Sky Television, the Moto GP, various computer games, & is a producer & joint owner of several dubstep, R&B & electronic funk record labels.

Dave Wallace

Dave "Flawless" Wallace

Guitar & Backing Vocals


Angus Munro

Angus "Juicy Lucy" Munro 

Lead Vocals & Saxophone


Angus Munro graduated with BA Hons from Strathclyde University’s esteemed Applied Music course in 2010 and has since become one of Scotland’s most sought after male vocalists. As well as a funk alto saxophonist, Angus is renowned for his impeccable four octave range, versatility, and captivating stage presence honed from many years on the music industry circuit as a master of ceremonies. Other accolades include his work as a performer and composer for BBC Radio (Scotland, Radio 4 and Radio 6) & his work as an international touring artist and pianist (Western Europe, L.A. and NYC). Angus has no recollection as to where the term “Juicy Lucy” stems from, & contrary to popular belief, definitely isn't gay, probably. 

Chuck "Ace" Dearness



Charles Dearness attended Edinburgh Napier University with Rob Harrison, & was quickly sucked in to Edinburgh's funk & soul scene for his amazing trumpet abilities. Chuck has played with almost everyone in Edinburgh, & is one of the most sought after trumpet players in Scotland. You've met him, don't remember? You probably fainted.

Chuck Dearness
Davide Rinaldi

Davide "Babadeebaybe" Rinaldi 



So devastatingly handsome, Davide attended the Jazz Courses of the International Music Academy of Milan. After joining the school he had the chance to meet and perform with some of the world's most renowned Italian jazz musicians, such as Tony Arco, Enrico Intra, Franco Cerri, Marco Vaggi, Lucio Terzano, Flavio Boltro and Enrico Rava. In January 2013 Davide moved to Edinburgh to broaden his musical horizons and to meet new people to share his passion with. Since then he has performed in some of Edinburgh's major venues, including The Jazz Bar, The Queen's Hall, Summer Hall and Festival Theatre. 

Tom Wilkinson

Tom "Devastator" Wilkinson



He may look as cute as a button, but the sword devastates with his words & cuts with his mighty wit. Tom studied music at Perth College, & has since become the go to performer for funk & soul bass in Edinburgh. After dissapearing for 3 months, he returned with the bass of doom carved from the devil's armchair, which he made himself! Don't stare, or do.

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